Website Support & Maintenance: How To Make The Most Of It!

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Invested in a new site? Do you have Support & Maintenance available to you? 

It is important to make sure that you make use of it – because it keeps your website up to date and secure. Support & Maintenance can increase the lifespan of your website significantly and make it a much more useful tool for your business. 

Whether your website is new or well established, Website Support & Maintenance is useful and most importantly, required. 

Here are some examples of how you can make use of Website Support & Maintenance! 

Website Support And Maintenance: Let's Get Adding!

The creation and launch of a website should really be just the beginning in an ever-changing online world for you and your business. If you intend to be visible on search engines, regularly updating your content with as much content as possible is necessary, because not only does it keep your customers engaged in your work, but also shows dedication and passion in what you provide, ensuring this shines through. 

Why Deal With Content Updates Yourself?

With a Website Support & Maintenance package, content updates to your website can be handled by our professional, skilled team, who have years of experience. 

Creating your creative content, such as blog posts which will require constant updates, can be dealt with by our professional, hardworking team! This ensures regular updates about the work you provide, and if applicable, the services of your business. This allows you to update your website regularly without having to deal with the technical aspects that plague so many website owners when they try to update their site because it can be a hassle!

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Website Support & Maintenance: Those Regular Updates. Sorted!

As with any piece of software, updating your website on a regular basis is important to ensure that it runs properly and is 100% secure and safe, for you and your customers.

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Updates Protect and Optimise Your Site...

If your website was created on the WordPress platform, that we here at 5 Star Web Design utilise, updates are released on a consistent basis to optimise and protect your website, so without these updates your website isn’t the best it can be or completely secure, which will always land you and your business into a tangle.

When you sign up to a Website Support & Maintenance plan, we handle all the updates for you- so you could sit back, with the satisfaction that your business is secure, safe and running smoothly for all those potential and regular customers. You do not have to worry about security or the optimisation of your website as one of our capable team will check your site to ensure that it is as up to date as it can be on a regular basis. 

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience


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Website Support & Maintenance: Scary Viruses. Gone!

After you have invested in a website, the last thing you want is for it to be a victim of viruses. Yes, they are terrifying! 

If you are signed up to Website Support & Maintenance with 5 Star Web Design, we will regularly run virus checks on your site to ensure that your website and its content, has not been compromised.

Due to our secure hosting and the security measures that we put in place for websites, we ensure that no virus is visible on your website! Because in the end, we use a secure and well-maintained software!

 In the case of a virus being detected, our teamwork diligently to protect you, your customers and your website and eradicate the virus as soon as possible. 

Viruses can be difficult to detect initially until they begin to cause problems for your site, and if you do not have Website Support & Maintenance in place there would be no possible way for you to deal with the attacks on your site. This is the importance of Website Support & Maintenance.  

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