Web Design Scotland: Salma’s Couture

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Web Design Scotland: Salma's Couture

Salma’s Couture is a reputable business based in Scotland selling fashionable yet affordable clothing. At the time of becoming our client, Salma’s Couture were beginning to promote their business online and required a bespoke e-commerce website where they could sell their products. The customer wanted a website with a quick loading website with a professional appearance that would offer a good customer experience. As an e-commerce website, it was crucial that we created a website that would enable easy product management.

Salma's Couture
Web Design Scotland: Solution
After the initial enquiry from Salma’s Couture, we had a Skype meeting with the client to comb through all the details of this web design project. Throughout the meeting, we ascertained what was important to the client so that we could ensure the new website would perfectly meet their requirements. It was important that the customer had a website that would make it easy to sell their wide range of products. It was also important that the website offered a good customer experience to encourage people to return to the website time and time again to buy more clothing.
The Salma’s Couture website needed to look professional and work correctly on devices of all sizes, as users would want to buy products on everything from desktop PCs to mobile phones. As a bespoke e-commerce website is a big investment for a business, the website also needed to stand the test of time and still look impressive for years to come.
Salma's Couture
Web Design Scotland: Outcome
After the commencement of the project, we began work on a bespoke e-commerce website for our customer. As part of this project, we also designed the logo for our client’s business and created a wide range of branded content to ensure consistency with the website that we were in the process of creating. After designing the logo and getting it approved by the client, we began the long process of coding the bespoke website and added all the products that our customer wanted on the website at launch.
After the website was created, we began the process of optimising the website for mobile devices. Following best optimisation practices, we ensured that the website looked the part and functioned correctly on all devices. As a bespoke e-commerce project, we focused particularly on the user experience, guaranteeing that purchasing from the website was easy and not laborious. After the initial creation of the Salma’s Couture website, we have continued to add new products as the business expands the lines it offers.
Salma's Couture
Web Design Scotland: Review
Before the commencement of this project, Salma’s Couture didn’t have a website where they could sell their beautiful clothing items. By the end of the project, our customer had a bespoke website where they could sell their products.
The website was designed with the customer in mind, so shopping on the website is a pleasant experience that doesn’t cause any frustration for customers. Our client has continued to add products to their website, as we took steps to ensure that adding new items over time would be easy for our customer.
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