Web Design Northern Ireland: Aim 2 Pass

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Web Design Northern Ireland: Aim 2 Pass

This driving school based in Northern Ireland had previously invested a substantial amount into a website. Unfortunately, they ended up with a basic website that they couldn’t make any changes to due to restrictions put in place by the developer. The website also wasn’t responsive, meaning that it looked bad on mobile devices. The customer wanted a website that they could make changes to as required and update on a regular basis with the latest content.

Aim 2 Pass
Web Design Northern Ireland: Solution
After the initial enquiry, we had a Skype meeting with the client to discuss their requirements in greater detail. The client explained that they wanted a website that made it easy for people to enquire about their driving instructor services. The client also wanted a website that they could easily update with the latest content. We agreed to create a secure website that could be edited easily by the owner, meaning that they could add new content to the blog and new images of students that had passed their driving test.
After poor experiences with his website that didn’t look the part, our client stated that having a stylish website was very important. To compete with other driving schools operating in the area, the customer wanted to update their branding to ensure that their business looked great whenever anyone looking for driving lessons found their website. Our design team got to work creating a beautiful website that would make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with our customer.
Aim 2 Pass
Web Design Northern Ireland: Outcome
After we created the website design, our team got to work coding the Aim to Pass website. The customer required several contact forms that would make it easy for potential customers to get in contact with them. This bespoke website design project was completed within a week. Once we had finished coding the website, we sent it to the client. The client was able to look at the website and explain what they liked and what they didn’t like. Some small changes were asked for, which our design team completed within a few days.
After the website design project was completed, our client had a website that they could easily make changes to as required. They also had a website that made it easy for people to contact them about driving lessons, which was particularly important to them. The Aim to Pass website is now generating more enquiries than ever before.
Aim 2 Pass
Web Design Northern Ireland: Review
Before the beginning of this web design project, our client Aim to Pass had an outdated website that simply didn’t meet their requirements at all. Potential customers couldn’t use the website on mobile devices and considering the target demographic usually access websites using mobile devices, people found it very difficult to get in touch about driving lessons.
After a Skype meeting with the client, we had all the information we needed to create a website that our client was delighted with. We designed a website with a modern appearance, coding this design to ensure that it worked optimally on PCs and mobile devices alike. Aim to Pass have a bespoke website that they can easily make changes to as required, which was very important for the owner.
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