Web Design Manchester: Make A Switch

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Web Design Manchester: Make A Switch

Make A Switch is a new business based in Manchester. The owner understood the value in investing in a good website, so he invested in one immediately after founding the business. Unfortunately, Make A Switch ended up with a poor website that wasn’t responsive on mobiles, was cluttered with information and ultimately didn’t generate any leads. After realising how poor a website he had, the owner of Make A Switch contacted us to offer us the project of designing his new website.

Make A Switch
Web Design Manchester: Solution
We travelled to Manchester to meet the client within a few days of their initial enquiry. The customer explained to us that they wanted a professional look for their site with responsive design. They also wanted contact forms across the site to generate leads.
Having a website with a professional appearance was very important to our customer. Make A Switch operates business to business, so they knew how important it was that their website looked the part. The old Make A Switch site was limited as it didn’t have a blog section. This make it more difficult for the business to begin ranking on search engines with helpful content. As part of designing the new website, we decided that adding a blog would be beneficial to the customer.
Make A Switch
Web Design Manchester: Outcome
After our design team created a website that looked professional, our coding team got to work creating a website that functioned perfectly on all devices, from desktop PCs to mobile phones. A variety of contact forms were integrated for lead generation purposes across every page on the website. After the initial creation of the website, we sent the site to the client and worked with them for a number of days to ensure the site perfectly met their requirements.
As part of the web design project, we performed technical search engine optimisation and also created SEO optimised content to ensure the site ranks highly on Google for its main keywords. After launch, we wrote several keyword articles for the client to help their ranking efforts. All in all, the client now has a responsive website that generates them more leads than ever.
Make A Switch
Web Design Manchester: Review
Before the commencement of this website design project, our client Make A Switch had a website that wasn’t responsive, didn’t rank on Google and didn’t generate any leads. If individuals visited the Make A Switch website on mobiles or other small devices, the website’s lack of responsive coding prevented the site from functioning correctly.
After the initial meeting with the client, we immediately knew what we needed to do to create a website that the client would be happy with. Within a week, we had created a website that was professional and offered everything that the client wanted it to offer. Our happy customer is generating more leads than ever and is beginning to rank highly on Google for a few important key phrases.
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