Web Design Dewsbury: D.Instructor Dewsbury

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Web Design Dewsbury: Driving Instructor Dewsbury

Driving Instructor Dewsbury is a driving instructor business established in Dewsbury and surrounding areas. The client has grown their business through referrals but realised they needed to establish an online presence to continue the growth of their driving instructor business. Before the launch of the website we created, our client didn’t have a website or any presence online at all. Evidently, this is far from ideal for a growing business in the 21st Century. The main goals of this project were to increase the visibility of Driving Instructor Dewsbury, enable new and existing students to book lessons online, and create a place where happy students can leave reviews.

Driving Instructor Dewsbury
Web Design Dewsbury: Solution
After the initial contact with the client, we arranged a meeting to discuss what they needed from their first website. The client explained that it was important that their customers could book lessons through the website and leave reviews if they are happy with the training that they receive. They also wanted a website that would look great on all devices and enable people to get in touch easily regardless of the device they are using.
A booking system was an essential for Driving Instructor Dewsbury. It was pivotal that people wanting driving lessons could book them through the website. As a result, we knew we’d have to create a simple booking system that would operate correctly on computers, laptops and mobile phones alike. We also decided to integrate a review system that would make it easy for happy students to leave a review on the website.
Driving Instructor Dewsbury
Web Design Dewsbury: Outcome
After the design stage, our website design team got to work coding the site. The customer required a complex, yet understandable booking system integrated into their site, which meant that our web design team had to create a bespoke website. This bespoke project was completed within the space of a week. Once the initial coding of the website was complete, we sent it to the client to gauge their opinion on the website that our team had created. As with any web design project with an involved client, some small changes were requested which we completed within a matter of days to a high standard.
After the website design project was complete, our client had a site that allowed for easy and secure online bookings. Now Tiger Cars can accept online bookings, they have managed to gain significantly more customers in recent times.
Driving Instructor Dewsbury
Web Design Dewsbury: Review
Before the beginning of this web design project, our client Tiger Cars had an outdated website that simply didn’t meet their requirements at all. Customers were unable to book taxis online, meaning that our client was losing customers rapidly to competition that made booking taxis much easier.
After meeting the client, we knew everything that we needed to know to create a website that would please our customer. We designed a website that looked modern and coded the design to ensure it functioned correctly. Now Tiger Cars have a bespoke website that enables secure bookings, they are regaining customers from competitors that previously made it easier for consumers to book taxis.
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