Web Design Dewsbury: ChaayePaani

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Web Design Dewsbury: ChaayePaani

ChaayePaani is an established kerbside café offering tasty teas and delectable snacks to their customers. After establishing in Dewsbury, ChaayePaani became a well-known café, and before they knew it, they needed a website.

Previously, ChaayePaani used an alternate business to build their website. Simply put, the poor executed website didn’t meet the needs of the growing business. The main goal of this new website was to enhance the visibility, and atmosphere of this roadside café, and it’s mouthwatering products.

Web Design Dewsbury: Solution
After the initial inquiry, we arranged to meet the client to discuss what they wanted from their new website, and goals they had set. The client wanted a website with a more professional design and look, that could advertise their menu and generate interaction through easy navigated pages, contact forms and the services they provided. It was also important that the site worked correctly, ensuring customers received the best experience.
It was highly important to ChaayePaani that their new website not only looked professional to customers, but also allowed them to learn more about them and their products . As ChaayePaani continues to grow through franchising moves, having a website that looks the part of them, was vital.
Web Design Dewsbury: Outcome
Our design team came up with a simplistic yet stylish professional design, that suited the requirements for ChaayePaani. After a detailed consultation with the client, our coding team got to work creating a responsive website. It contained a number of bespoke contact forms, with a different form for every page. The client made it clear that having a different contact form on every page was important to them. We ensured that each form was bespoke and client based, meeting their requirements, based on the information on each page.
With all of out Web Design projects, we ensure a smooth running, and easy navigation for both our clients, and their customers, As a team, we ensure that your chosen design, works perfectly with every device. By creating a technically sound website for our client, we have boosted their chances of ranking on Google for their chosen keywords.
Web Design Dewsbury: Review
Before the beginning of this website design project, our client had a poor website that didn’t work properly on the majority of devices and didn’t have a professional appearance. By the end of this project, our customer had a website with a professional appearance that contains important information such as the products they offer and their franchising options.
After the initial meeting with ChaayePaani, we knew what we needed to do to create a website that would work perfectly for their business. Within a few weeks, we had created a website that not only looked the part but also worked perfectly on all devices. Our client has a website that they can be proud of when promoting their business online.
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