Web Design Borehamwood: iHandi

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Web Design Borehamwood: iHandi

This phone repair business based in Borehamwood hadn’t previously had a website. After rapid growth, iHandi realised that they would have to invest in a website to further expand their business. The client needed to establish a presence online and also needed a website with a complex booking system that would enable people to book phone repairs online. By allowing customers to book repairs online, iHandi planned to make it easy for their customers to skip the queues in their popular Borehamwood store.

Web Design Borehamwood: Solution
After iHandi’s initial contact, we went to meet the client to discuss what they wanted from their new website. The client explained in great detail what they wanted from their website. They wanted a website that people could use to book phone repairs. They also wanted a website that they could easily add more content to as they increase their capabilities to repair more phones. It was important that customers could easily get in touch with iHandi, so the client made it clear that they needed several contact forms that would make it easy for their customers.
Our client emphasised how important it was that they be able to make changes to their website. We decided that WordPress was the perfect platform to build the new iHandi website on, because it would allow the client to easily modify their website as they desired. After the initial discussions, we got to work designing the website for our client.
Web Design Borehamwood: Outcome
After our design team finished designing the new iHandi website, our coding team got to work transforming the design into a functioning website. As with any website we make, we made a big effort to ensure that the iHandi website was fully responsive on all platforms. This bespoke project took approximately 2 weeks, as we took on the big project of entering a massive amount of data into the website to enable online booking of repairs. After we had finished coding the website and data entry, we sent it back to the client to hear their thoughts. Overall, the customer was delighted, and we launched the website in a timely manner.
After the completion of this website design project, our client had a responsive website with a complex booking system that enabled iHandi’s customers to book repairs online before visiting their store.
Web Design Borehamwood: Review
Before the beginning of this large website design project, our client iHandi didn’t have a website. To further grow their business, our client knew that it was time to invest in a website that would truly meet their requirements.
After the initial meeting with the client, we had all the information that we needed to create a website that we knew our client would be delighted with. We designed a modern website that worked perfectly on all devices. We also entered a large amount of data into a complex booking system that made booking repairs easy. Our client now has a website that they can receive customer bookings from and use to further promote their business to people needing phone, laptop and tablet repairs in the local area.
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