Web Design Batley: 3 Reasons to Search Engine Optimise Your Site

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So, you have invested in your new website and it has finally launched. Congratulations! Launching a website is a crucial step. However, it’s a little step in the bigger picture, because there is a lot more to generating leads online than just owning a website. 

If you don’t understand why you should optimise your website, hopefully, this blog post can convince you that you should. Here are 3 reasons to search engine optimise your site!

More than 53% of B2B traffic is organic. You’re missing out if you’re ignoring SEO.

1: Grow Your Traffic and Get More Leads

The primary reason to invest yourself in SEO is to grow your organic traffic and ultimately generate more leads as a result. Without SEO, you’re unlikely to get a decent amount of traffic to your site. However, even a little bit of SEO can do wonders for your traffic!

Web Design Batley: A Lot of Businesses Choose the Quick Route...

A lot of businesses choose the ‘quick route’ of spending on advertising rather than SEO. Spending money on ads will quickly generate traffic for your site, yes. But there’s no long-term gain. To put it simply, you’ll have to keep spending money if you want to keep generating leads. This is fine for some businesses. But why pay for traffic when you can get it for free?

Growing your traffic and getting more leads with SEO is free. If you’re creating the content and actively promoting it yourself, there’s no cost other than your time. While you won’t see instant results as you would with advertising, you’ll achieve long-term success. Once you’ve built up your traffic through organic SEO, you’ll have that traffic forever without any additional investment. You won’t have to keep spending more like you would with advertising!

Web Design Batley

2: Position Yourself as An Industry Leader

You’re really good at what you do; there’s no doubt about that. However, does everyone else know? Would people come to you for expert advice about your industry? If not, you can change that with SEO. 

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Web Design Batley: You Could Position Yourself As A Leader...

With organic content and the power of your blog, you can position yourself as a credible industry leader and be the go-to blog for anyone wanting information about the services you offer. 

For smaller businesses, a figurehead with knowhow is a necessity. If you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry with thoughtful and engaging content, your business will grow as your reputation grows. Utilise the power of your blog to position yourself as a leader and your business will reap the rewards. 

“For every click on a paid result in Google, there are 11.6 clicks to organic results”

Rand Fishkin, SparkToro Blog

3. Establish A Dedicated Audience

Depending on the industry that your business operates in, a dedicated audience can be the difference between success and failure. When people are visiting your website, you want to make a lasting impression on them. You want to impress them so they’re more inclined to return in the future. With engaging and insightful copy, you can grow an audience that will return to your site time and time again. 

Why is an audience so important? The users on your website will be made up of people fitting into a range of different categories. Some will be existing customers, whereas others will be potential customers that you’ve drawn in with your engaging SEO content. A Rakuten Marketing study revealed that the average customer will make 9.5 visits to a brand before buying. That’s why engaging copy that keeps people coming back is more important than ever. 

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