Social Media Management Dewsbury: Tips For Creating Engaging Posts

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Are you using social media to promote your business? Congratulations! You’ve made it further than most businesses, as plenty of companies don’t use their social channels at all. However, are your posts engaging? Do your posts provoke a response from your audience? If not, let’s change that!

Most businesses waste their time on social media because they don’t create content the right type of content. They pump out sales posts that their audience ignores or low-quality content that just doesn’t portray their organisation in the best light. In this blog post, our digital marketing team offers some actionable tips for creating engaging posts – anybody can follow them, including you!

54% of social browsers use social media to research products.




Social Media Management Dewsbury: Use High-Quality Images

Nothing’s more boring than a plain text post advertising a product or service. Users seeing this on their Facebook timeline or Twitter feed are likely to keep on scrolling without a second thought. However, posts with high-quality images catch the eye and draw in users, vastly increasing your chances of getting that crucial engagement. 

Images Increase The Chances Of Post Engagement...

If you’re selling products, make sure that your photographs have good lighting and put your product front and centre. But no matter what you offer, be it a service or products, always ensure the images you use relate well to your written content. 

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Social Media Management Dewsbury: Create Videos

Images are brilliant, but why not take it one step further and create videos? According to Animoto, 93% of businesses report getting at least one new customer thanks to a video on social media. What this tells us is that using videos on social media will encourage more people to engage with your business, which is exactly what you want. 

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Videos Are Worth The Time...

Creating videos will often take a little longer than creating images. However, you probably already have all the resources you need around you right now. All you really need to create a high-quality video for social media is your mobile phone and a bit of time. Smartphone cameras are so good these days that you really don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to create excellent videos. 

46% of consumers base their decisions on the credibility of a website from its visual appeal & aesthetics.


The Real Business of Web Design, John Waters

Social Media Management Dewsbury: Forget Selling - Just Interact!

Many companies use social media to try and generate more business, which is fine. That’s what all businesses want! The problem is the way they go about trying to gain more customers and sales. You can’t just create posts trying to sell your products or service; you need to interact with your audience with fun, interesting content. With this approach, you’ll generate more sales without having to ‘hard sell’. 

There are many ways that you can interact with your customers while keeping it relevant to your business. For example, polls or questions. Why not create a poll about something relevant to your service or product? As an example, 5 Star Web Design could put out a poll asking our audience a question about how much they use social media. It would still be relevant to our business, but it would be more effective at generating engagement than a sales post!

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